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Contact Us

03-3716-6624 for inquiries on counseling and psychotherapy. Long distance/International professional phone consultation by appointment is also available. Please leave a message on the answering machine, most calls will be returned within a few hours. Calls may be forwarded to a mobile phone so that you may need to wait a few seconds for transfer.

Email Submission Form:

All inquiries will be replied to promptly by one of the Center's staff. Please read the "Common Topics of Inquiry" section below the mail form here to see if these issues pertain to your needs.


Common Topics of Inquiry:

  • Medications in Japan: The Tokyo Child and Adolescent Counseling Services cannot provide specific information in an e-mail on what medications are available in Japan, or how to procure medications that are not available in Japan, out of context to the individual's needs. All persons need to be interviewed in a session in order to recommend an appropriate plan of care after these needs are carefully assessed. These interviews may be conducted by phone or Skype for persons who are overseas or located outside the Tokyo area. Note that few of the medications used for ADD/ADHD overseas are available in Japan, and some are illegal to have or bring into Japan. The Tokyo Child and Adolescent Counseling Services can discuss the options available for ADD/ADHD treatment in Japan in a scheduled session.

  • Information Requests: Many persons request information for an article, class project, documentary, pharmaceutical marketing, career advice, how to become a counselor, etc. Please note that provision of such information would be a professional service, the exact fees of which would be determined on a case-by-case basis.

  • Hiring Plans & Internships: The Tokyo Child and Adolescent Counseling Services does not currently have an internship program, new hiring plan, or a program for observation/volunteers.

  • How to work as a Psychologist/Counselor in Japan: Click here for inquiries regarding how to work as a clinical psychologist in Japan.

  • Referral Requests: The Tokyo Child and Adolescent Counseling Services can effectively provide Skype or Phone counseling for persons living far from the Tokyo area, but does not have a referral service function for face-to-face counseling in various locations.

  • Inquiries from third parties: We are happy to see persons referred through employers, insurance companies, EAPs, etc., however, the person in question needs send us a mail from our website.